From the President

U.S. Merit, Inc. and its subsidiaries own all of our restaurants groups.  Mr. Terry D. Davis is the President of these corporations.  Mr. Davis believes that building a quality restaurant starts with the team.  Every associate is an important part of the restaurant team and of making the restaurant a success.  THE CUSTOMER IS KING AT ALL OF OUR RESTAURANTS.  It is our job and pleasure to see that every customer is always given the Royal Treatment.  If they leave our establishments feeling better, satisfied, and special, then we have done our job.  If the customer leaves thinking, "WOW, THAT WAS A GREAT! THAT WAS UNIQUE! THAT WAS SERVICE!", only then have we done our best.  TEAMWORK and a positive enthusiastic attitude is paramount in any successful endeavor.  Therefore, it is mandatory that all team members, upon entering our parking lots, consistently display these critical characteristics.  Our team members are our greatest assets.

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